Next cold air mass to bring dry, cool weather late Wednesday

Taipei--The continental cold air mass that has brought cool and wet conditions to northern Taiwan was weakening Tuesday, the last day of a four-day extended weekend, but another cold air mass is due to arrive late Wednesday, the Central Weather Bureau said.

It added, however, that the next cold air mass is expected to bring cool but dry weather, with low temperatures in the late-night and early-morning hours.

On late Thursday and early Friday, when the influence of the cold air mass is at its strongest, temperatures in northern Taiwan could drop to as low as 11 degrees Celsius, 12 degrees in northeastern and central Taiwan and 13 to 14 degrees in the south and the eastern counties of Hualien and Taitung, the bureau forecast.

The weather condition is expected to be cloudy to sunny around the island and temperatures during the day will be around 18 or 19 degrees in northern Taiwan, Yilan and Hualien Counties in the east, with the rest of Taiwan seeing highs of over 20 degrees, the bureau said.

Temperatures around Taiwan are likely to rise on Saturday, when the cold air mass is expected to weaken, it said.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel