Next stage of New Southbound policy goals unveiled

The government says the next stage of its New Southbound policy will focus on talent development, agriculture, biotechnology and medical care. That's the word from minister without portfolio John Deng on Friday. Deng was speaking Friday at a seminar on the 2017 Asian Political and Economic Prospects.

The New Southbound policy aims to forge closer ties with ASEAN member countries, as well as India, New Zealand and Australia.

Deng said the policy, introduced last year, has produced some positive results. These include growth in trade and an increase in tourists and foreign students from the target countries.

Deng also talked about the importance of agricultural cooperation.

Every country emphasizes agricultural production. On the one hand, it solves the problem of relatively low pay for farmers. On the other hand, agricultural development also involves food safety. Taiwan has the ability to cooperate with other countries. The [cooperation] allows our agricultural sector to continue to develop and it also helps the country's food safety," said Deng.

Source: Radio Taiwan International