No comment on possible Dalai Lama meeting: Ministry

The foreign ministry has said it cannot comment on whether Taiwan's representative to a forum in the Czech Republic would meet the Dalai Lama.

Local online media outlet Storm Media reported that President Tsai Ing-wen was invited to the Forum 2000 conference from October 16-19 in Prague. Tsai sent Prospect Foundation chairperson Mark Chen to attend on her behalf. The media reported that Chen would meet the Dalai Lama at the event.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Eleanor Wang said Tuesday that her office is not in a position to comment on a possible meeting between Chen and the Tibetan spiritual leader.

Any guests and attendees to the forum will naturally socialize with each other during the forum," said Wang. "We being in Taipei is hard to predict what the situation is at the venue. We are not in a position to comment and neither do we have any information [regarding what's going on there].

Forum 2000 was founded in 1996 by the then Czech president Vaclav Havel to uphold the values of democracy and human rights, and to encourage religious, cultural and ethnic tolerance. Former vice president of Taiwan Annette Lu is also attending the forum.

Source: Radio Taiwan International