“Nong Tennis” Panipak won the 4th SEA Games gold medal

Cambodia, May 14 – "Nong Tennis" Panipak Wongpattanakit, the gold medal hero of the 2020 Olympic Games, Tokyo Games, won the 4th SEA Games gold medal and is ready to move forward to sweep every championship this year.

Taekwondo fighting type Day 2 The Thai national team sends 4 Taekwondo athletes who are skilled in chasing gold medals. Led by the highest hope, "Nong Tennis" Panipak Wongpattanakit, the gold medal hero of the 2020 Olympic Games, Tokyo Games, competes in the women's 49 kg model in the finals, meeting Kim Tuyen Trung Thi from Vietnam in this game, coach Che goes. Standing tutoring intensely, loving disciple at the edge of the field

In the first round, the Vietnamese athlete kicked the head up to lead 3-1, but then the young tennis player gathered his concentration back to control the game before kicking the head 3 times in a row to win 11-4.

Then, in the second round, Nong Tennis could control the game better. Before winning 9-6, winning 2-0, winning his 4th SEA Games gold medal and being the 5th gold medal of the Taekwondo fighting Thai team in this SEA Games.

after victory Nong Tennis took Father Sirichai for a run to show his joy and thanks to the cheering crowd around the field. to keep it as a memory of himself with his father who followed him to cheer on the edge of the field In the last SEA Games

Men's 58 kg category: Thanakrit Yodrak, 19-year-old former champion of Thailand, faces last year's finalist, Udate Sam, from Cambodia, who Haman defeated. In today's game, Ha still relies on a much superior tactic. Repeatedly won 2-0, lifted 9-1 and 18-6 to defend the SEA Games title for the second time in a row, with the next goal being World Taekwondo Championship and the 2023 Asian Games in China.

Today, the Thai taekwondo fighting team also won one gold medal from "Baitoey" Sasikan Thongchan in the 62 kg female category and one silver medal from Jack Woody Mercer in the male 74 kg category.

Amateur boxing on the last day, won 8 gold medals, Khun Phon Thai singlet came in to compete in 5 models after yesterday, he won 5 gold medals by the 48 kg mini-weight model, male "Robert" Nattapong Thuamcharoen. A 21-year-old fighter from Chachoengsao, blue corner, meets Dio Kobanu from Indonesia by punching all 3 rounds. Chaeng before the end of 3 rounds will defeat the unanimous score 5-0 to win the first SEA Games gold medal. And it is the 6th gold medal of the Thai boxing team.

After winning the championship, Natthapong Tuamcharoen or Robert S. Sangkum, the name of the Thai boxing era. Said that he was glad that he could fight according to the coach's plan. And thank you for all the encouragement today.

International Fencing, men's epee team In the final, the Thai national team met Vietnam, in this game the young Thai fencing team consisted of Chinaphat Chalermchanan, Nattipong Singkham, Korakot So Amnuaychai, Jesadaporn Phungkhunthot could not compete with excellence. of the young Vietnamese swordsman team lost 33-45 and won only the silver medal It is the second medal for the Thai fencing team after Worakan Srinualnad, who won the first gold medal for the Thai fencing team in this SEA Games. From the male saber type.-

Source: Thai News Agency