Northern Taiwan will be coldest early Saturday as cold air arrives

Taipei-- An incoming cold air mass will begin to affect Taiwan Thursday evening and could push temperatures down to around 10 degrees Celsius Friday night and early Saturday in coastal areas of northern Taiwan, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

After experiencing cloudy and rainy weather in the first half of Thursday, northern Taiwan will get colder later in the day, although the weather in the south is forecast to remain partly cloudy or sunny with little change in temperatures until Friday, according to the bureau.

Due to the arrival of a weather front late Wednesday, northern and eastern Taiwan will be likely to see rain on Thursday, the bureau said.

Another stronger cold air mass began sending temperatures in northern Taiwan down by 4-5 degrees Thursday, could cause the mercury to plummet later that day, it said.

However, temperatures in central and southern parts of Taiwan will remain unchanged and could see highs of 26-28 degrees on Thursday before the weather gets colder the next day, the bureau said.

Meanwhile, according to former CWB Director-general Daniel Wu (???), the cold air mass will weaken from Jan. 24 and the mercury around Taiwan will gradually rebound.

All areas of Taiwan could see sunny skies between between Jan. 22-24, with the exception of the east, where sporadic and small amounts of showers are forecast, according to Wu.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel