Northern Taiwan, Yilan to remain chilly: CWB

Taipei--Under the effect of the cold air mass and as rain and clouds from southern China continue to move east toward Taiwan, the weather in northern Taiwan and Yilan in the northeast are forecast to remain wet and chilly on Sunday, with lows to hover between 11-13 degrees Celsius, according to the Central Weather Bureau.

Meanwhile, central and eastern Taiwan and mountainous areas of southern Taiwan as well as the offshore islands of Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu could see intermittent rainfall, while partly cloudy to sunny weather was forecast for other parts of Taiwan.

Low temperatures in areas north of central Taiwan and Yilan could stand at 11-13 degrees and highs could hover between 15 and 16 degrees throughout that day, the CWB said, cautioning people in these areas to keep warm.

Southern Taiwan, Hualien and Taitung in the east, meanwhile, could see lows of 15-17 degrees, with highs reaching 17-21 degrees in central Taiwan and Hualien, 24-27 degrees in southern Taiwan and Taitung, according to the CWB.

In northern Taiwan, Tamsui recorded a low temperature of 11.4 degrees Sunday morning, the lowest temperature recorded in a low-lying area, while Hsinchu saw a low of 11.8 degrees, according to the CWB data.

The persistent rain in northern Taiwan over the past few days could ease later Sunday and the weather might turn cloudy with intermittent rain, according to meteorologist Daniel Wu (???).

Wu forecast that lows in Taipei on Sunday and Monday will hover between 12-13 degrees, and 11-12 degrees in open areas north of central Taiwan.

The cold air mass will gradually weaken on Tuesday, when temperatures are forecast to rebound, but the weather in northern Taiwan will remain chilly with sporadic rain, Wu said, adding that eastern Taiwan can also expect intermittent rain that day.

The weather will become warmer again during the day on Wednesday, but a dry cold air mass will arrive that night to bring temperatures down, according to Wu.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel