OCAC Draws up Guidelines for Holding Activities for Peace Memorial Day

To display the importance the DPP government attaches to the February 28 Incident (228) and its concern, Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) Minister Wu Hsin-hsing stated that OCAC has drafted guidelines for holding activities for Peace Memorial Day overseas to serve as the rule for the staging of such events by overseas compatriot communities worldwide.

The guidelines were drawn up in response to the hope that the government supports the holding of activities for Peace Memorial Day overseas that Wu heard from many compatriots during his recent visit to the US.

Wu said that 228 happened 70 years ago and was an unfortunate tragedy in the history of the development of Taiwanese politics and society, after which many relatives of victims moved overseas to take refuge or to ease their mental pain and grief. To commemorate the victims of 228 and comfort their relatives, the OCAC hopes to assist overseas communities in holding memorial events to heal the historical wounds, promote inter-ethnic group reconciliation and social harmony in Taiwan, and nurture overseas communities' support for Taiwanese democracy.

Wu stressed, from now on, OCAC will encourage overseas communities to hold 228 cultural relic and photograph exhibitions, lectures, memorial assemblies, memorial concerts, arts events and respond actively to the hopes of relatives of victims. He also invited the organizers of such events to make good use of OCAC's overseas Chinese cultural centers, expressing the importance the government attaches to this historical incident and how much it cares.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council