OCAC is undergoing a transformation

In an interview with 9 journalists from overseas Chinese media on the morning of October 14, Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) Minister Wu Hsin-hsing explicated topics including nurturing overseas community youth, transformation of Macroview media, the difference in overseas compatriot affairs work between the ROC (Taiwan) and Mainland China, and the New Southbound.

Minister Wu pointed out that for the past 85 years the OCAC has nurtured overseas compatriot youth, assisted overseas compatriot groups, promoted overseas compatriot education and taken care of Taiwan-owned businesses and overseas compatriot students in Taiwan and continues to do so actively. At the Double Tenth Celebration for Overseas Compatriots held recently, President Tsai Ing-wen once again called on the overseas community to cultivate youth leaders and assist the government promote civil diplomacy, which are also the OCAC's vital work at present.

Regarding Macroview media, Wu stated that, with the digitalization of broadcasting technology, Macroview Weekly will be online only and the OCAC wishes to expand its numbers of viewers. Macroview media will become an overseas community news platform, facilitating information exchange between people in Taiwan and compatriots overseas.

Wu emphasized that overseas compatriot service must be underpinned by creative thinking and the two sides of the Taiwan Strait should not compete for the support of the overseas community. The OCAC will sincerely offer services to overseas compatriots according to their needs and, in doing so, thus win their affirmation.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council