Occasional showers in Taiwan predicted for Sunday

Taiwan will see occasional showers islandwide Sunday as a frontal system passes through and the northeasterly winds strengthen, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) forecast.

Amid the atmospheric movements, clouds are accumulating over the northern and eastern areas, raising the chance of rain, the CWB said, predicting those areas will see occasional showers from time to time.

As for the central and southern areas, the southwesterly winds will blow moist air there before the arrival of the frontal system, causing sporadic rain in parts of the region, the CWB said.

In terms of the temperature, thanks to the increasingly stronger northeasterly winds, it will be cooler in the north Sunday than the previous day, with the highs at 29-30 degrees Celsius and the lows at 23-25 degrees.

The temperature in Taiwan's central and southern areas, as well as Hualien and Taitung counties in the east will remain as high as 30-32 degrees in the day and 25-27 degrees at night, the CWB forecast.

The frontal system and the northeasterly winds will continue to affect Taiwan until Monday, CWB forecaster Lin Chih-hui (???) said, predicting a sunny weather will begin on Oct. 25 and last until Oct. 29 when cold air will come to change weather here.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel