Official election results expected midnight Nov. 24: CEC

Taipei, The official results of the local government elections and 10 referendums on Nov. 24 will be released at midnight, two hours after the vote count is completed, Chen In-chin (???), chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC), said Thursday.

On election day, 295,904 workers, including 16,307 police officers, will be assigned to 15,886 polling stations nationwide to ensure a smooth voting process and quick counting of the ballots, Chen said at a press conference after the Cabinet's weekly meeting.

Some 20,863 candidates are vying for the 11,047 seats at the local government level, from mayors to borough chiefs, according to the CEC.

Six of those seats are for mayors of special municipalities, 16 seats for county magistrates and other city mayors, 912 for municipal councilors and county or city councilors, 204 for township chiefs and chiefs of indigenous districts in municipalities, 2,149 for township councilors and indigenous councilors in municipalities, and 7,760 for borough chiefs, the CEC said.

In addition, 10 referendums will be held alongside the elections, on issues such as same-sex marriage, food imports from radioactive contaminated areas in Japan, and Taiwan's designation in big sporting events like the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The CEC said that because of Taiwan's referendum laws, the number of eligible voters this year is at a record high.

The referendums are open to citizens aged 18 and over, while the statutory voting age is 20, which puts the number of eligible voters for the former at about 19.76 million, and for the latter at 19.10 million, said Hsieh Mei-ling (???), head of the CEC's Department of Electoral Affairs.

Among the 19.76 million people eligible to vote in the referendums, 582,045 are first time voters, she said.

The cost of holding the local government elections and referendums is estimated at NT$4.7 billion (US$151.8 million), according to Hsieh.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel