Officials ordered on infrastructure project promo tour

Premier Lin Chuan is asking heads of government agencies to visit cities and counties islandwide to explain the government's infrastructure project. Lin was speaking Thursday at a Cabinet meeting.

Lin's comments came after President Tsai Ing-wen had demanded Cabinet ministers actively defend the project. The project has come under fire for possible negative impact on the environment with some questioning its economic benefits.

The government is planning to spend up to NT$890 billion (US$29.6 billion) on the project over eight years. It will focus on five areas: green energy, water management, the rail network, digital development, and urban and rural development.

Now that the legislature is not in session, Lin said ministers should make inspection tours islandwide more often to let the public understand the importance of the project.

Meanwhile, Cabinet spokesperson Hsu Kuo-yung said the premier will visit rural areas this coming weekend.

Source: Radio Taiwan International