Officials warn of plastics hazards for expectant mothers

Top medical officials on Friday called for a decrease in the use of plastic products to lower the chance of congenital disease in infants.

The officials belong to National Taiwan University Hospital, the Environmental Protection Administration and the Health Promotion Administration, among others. They collectively called for the decrease in use and exposure to plastic products, especially for pregnant women, in order to decrease the rate of birth defects.

The officials said that most plastic products, such as containers and bags, contain plasticizers. These are chemical additives that make the product softer. They said frequent exposure to plasticizers among pregnant women can drastically increase the chance of their babies having dermatitis and hidden testicular conditions. The chance of asthma, the officials said, could be about five times as high.

The officials said keeping plastics out of the reach of children and having them wash their hands after handling plastic products are ways to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.

Source: Radio Taiwan International