On-site survey for the “Asia Silicon Valley Plan Implementation Center”

On-site survey for the Asia Silicon Valley Plan Implementation Center- Mayor Cheng: Taoyuan City Government shall provide a budget and station personnel to coordinate and collaborate with the central government

While conducting an on-site survey of the Asia Silicon Valley Plan Implementation Center with Deputy Minister Dr. Kung Ming-Hsin of the National Development Council (NDC) in the afternoon of November 4th, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that the surrounding areas of High Speed Rail (HSR) Qingpu Station will be furnished with special manufacturing zones, Aerotropolis Exhibit Center, and other large-scale facilities. The decision made by the NDC to establish the Asia Silicon Valley Plan Implementation Center next to the HSR station will provide a great clustering effect. After establishing the Asia Silicon Valley Plan Implementation Center, the city government will provide the necessary support by stationing personnel and allocating a budget to better coordinate and collaborate with the central government.

Mayor Cheng pointed out that the Bureau of High Speed Rail plans to initiate tendering to establish commercial offices, hotels, or corporate headquarters in the HSR Commercial / Manufacturing Park located before the A18 Taoyuan HSR Station of the Airport Access MRT. Gloria Outlets are located behind the HSR Station, with Phase 2 scheduled to be open for business in December 2016. Cathay Life Insurance also made plans to construct hotels and office buildings in this area. A19 Taoyuan Sports Park Station of Airport Access MRT will also be furnished with an Aerotropolis Exhibit Center capable of hosting large-scale international meetings. Applications have also been submitted for revising urban plans regarding the carpark opposite the Qingpu International Baseball Stadium and to establish the Asia Exchange Center for Creative R&D Professionals, building up a clustering effect of the Qingpu area that encourages surrounding developments.

Mayor Cheng said that the Asia Silicon Valley Plan will also be developing the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and introduce the spirit of innovation while integrating youth entrepreneurship. Taoyuan City Government has already established a Taoyuan youth entrepreneur headquarter at the Department of Youth Affairs in Zhongli. Youth Start-up Hubs would also be established in Xinming and Andong as well. The Coast Guard Administration (CGA) also agreed, by principle, to offer 5.6 hectares of land opposite National Taoyuan Senior High School to Taoyuan City Government to establish an urban Youth Start-up Hub. As for the 11 hectares of land belonging to the old veteran’s chemical factory in Yangmei, the city government will also carry out various stages of development to establish the Youshih International Start-up Village that can be leased to youths who have started businesses and need research and development facilities. Taoyuan is also home to 16 colleges and universities, including National Central University (NCU), Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU), and Yuan Ze University (YZU), all of which offer big data centers as well as innovation and incubation centers for Industry 4.0. These centers could collaborate with each other to participate in the Asia Silicon Valley Plan and bring academia and industrial resources together.

Deputy Minister Dr. Kung Ming-Hsin of the NDC expressed that the industrial supply chain of Taoyuan was comprehensive, allowing the city to quickly establish an IoT ecology. Many foreign businesses and companies also became very interested in these plans. Coordination between the central and regional governments would be the most important aspect during early stages of development for the Asia Silicon Valley Plan Implementation Center. Details include establishment of overseas businesses and making connections with local companies. It is hoped that Taoyuan City Government personnel could be assigned to the Implementation Center to facilitate collaboration and partnership between the central and local governments. The Asia Silicon Valley Plan also plans to establish a virtual school that spans multiple colleges and institutions on software and multi-disciplinarian subjects. The Implementation Center may also work with the Ministry of Education (MOE) to integrate NCU, CYCU, and YZU to help train more professionals.

Attendants to the on-site survey included Deputy Minister Dr. Kung Ming-Hsin of the NDC, counselor Dr. Wang Ting-An of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taoyuan City Government Deputy Secretary-General Chiu Chun-Ming, Director-general Chen Chia-Chun of the Department of Youth Affairs, and Chief Secretary Yen Wei-Tzu of the Department of Economic Development.

Source: Taoyuan City Government