One year into the job, Premier Lin needs official residence

President Tsai Ing-wen says Premier Lin Chuan needs a new residence. Lin has been in office for nearly one year but is still in the place where he lived before becoming premier.

The premier has traditionally lived in a Taipei residence provided by the government. But former premier Mao Chi-kuo forfeited the use of the house, instead opening it to the public as the Social Enterprise Hub.

Cabinet spokesperson Hsu Kuo-yung said Tuesday that contractual issues make it difficult to reclaim the house for the premier's use. But he said allowing the premier to stay at his own residence was also problematic.

Hsu said, The premier's own residence is big enough for his family. But it is not big enough to accommodate his security detail, and there is only room for about three cars, so it is not suitable or convenient for security personnel. We hope the finance ministry's National Property Administration can have a look at what's available and see if they can find a suitable residence.

Hsu rejected a suggestion that frequent protests might be the reason behind the search for new housing. He said the entrance to the premier's residence is secure, and that it is more an issue of the security detail having nowhere to stay on the premises.

Source: Radio Taiwan International