Open Recruitment of the Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra

While attending the Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra Open Recruitment press conference held at the Zhongli Arts Hall on October 13th 2016, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that the Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra have begun open recruitment starting in August 2016. A total of 20 members were selected from 60 applicants, each of whom is a renowned graduate from departments of music in major universities and colleges as well as a rising star with great potential. The establishment of the Chinese Orchestra will allow the Taoyuan City Government to gain experiences in building a city filled with music and culture.

Mayor Cheng pointed out that the Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra is the first professional orchestra in Taoyuan. Of the 20 members, 13 are registered citizens of Taoyuan City while seven were residents of other counties and cities. Everyone is a professional musician who had underwent musical training since youth. Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra will be holding their founding performance at the Zhongli Arts Hall on November 20th 2016, and will serve as a key platform for promoting training in traditional Chinese orchestra and carrying out music exchanges. The Orchestra will also become a symbol of urban culture.

Mayor Cheng described that the diverse and colorful performances provided by Chinese orchestras and said that the Taoyuan City Government organized the Taoyuan Traditional Music Festival so that more citizens can appreciate the beauty of Chinese music. The founding of the Taoyuan Chinese Orchestra is a milestone not just for the development of Chinese music, but for the musical culture of Taoyuan as well. The city government will continue to allocate budgetary support to ensure the success and stable growth of the city's Chinese Orchestra. Plans have been made to establish a philharmonic orchestra and a symphonic orchestra as well in order to provide Taoyuan with a diverse selection of musical groups and introduce a new musical atmosphere into the city.

Attendants to the event included Taoyuan City Councilors Hsieh Chang-Wen, Chen Mei-Mei, Wan Mei-Ling, and Shu Tsui-Ling, Deputy Director-general Tang Lien-Cheng of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and CEO Lo Pi-Hsia of the Taoyuan City Cultural Foundation.

Source: Taoyuan City