Over 260,000 files on Chiang Kai-shek released online

More than 260,000 documents concerning the former Republic of China leader Chiang Kai-shek have been made available online after being declassified.

Academia Historica, the official archive of Republic of China history, said Tuesday that it took the institute more than eight months to put all the documents online.

Academia Historica said over 60 percent of the files were formerly listed as confidential. The institute said the online materials represent close to 99 percent of all existing documents related to Chiang. The remainder includes material that can only be viewed at Academia Historica's library due to copyright restrictions. A tiny proportion of documents, 0.02 percent of the total, is to remain secret permanently to protect intelligence sources.

The files have been accessible online since the end of April. Academia Historica's online archive can be accessed at http://ahonline.drnh.gov.tw.

Source: Radio Taiwan International