Palau health minister pledges continued support for Taiwan

The health minister of Palau, Emais Roberts, says his country will continue to speak up for Taiwan in the face of its exclusion from the World Health Assembly (WHA).

Palau is one of Taiwan's diplomatic allies in the South Pacific. Roberts recently debated with representatives from China and its ally Cuba at the WHA in Geneva. Taiwan had been refused an invitation to this year's meeting of the convening body of the World Health Organization. That's due to Beijing's boycott of the Tsai Ing-wen administration in Taiwan. Roberts said Palau would continue to speak up for Taiwan and push for its inclusion in matters of global health.

"I told them we are here to discuss health and health is a basic human right, no one left behind, and I wanted them to know that politics had no place in that WHA floor. They should take politics and discuss it somewhere else," Roberts said. "In the WHA everybody should be allowed to have a voice when it comes to health, including the people of Taiwan. We appreciate what Taiwan has done for Palau and we will continue to do it, to speak for you as long as you are left out."

Roberts was speaking while visiting the Shin Kong Memorial Hospital in Taipei on Tuesday. The hospital has pledged medical personnel and equipment to help tackle an outbreak of dengue fever in Palau which has so far claimed three lives.

Source: Radio Taiwan International