Paper Windmill – Countryside Truck Art Project in Taiwan

While attending the Paper Windmill - Countryside Truck Art Project in Taiwan event held at Carrefour Neili Branch in Zhongli District during the evening of October 23rd 2016, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan addressed that the event of Countryside Truck Art Project of Taiwan was made possible with Carrefour which offered the venue, HCT Logistics that sponsored the event and the Art Truck platform, and lastly Paper Windmill that supported the match-making of administrative resources. Furthermore, many troupes and performance groups have provided charitable and artistic performances, including Diabolo Dance Theatre that gave a performance titled Ocean Celebrations, providing a wonderful evening experience filled with art and joy.

Mayor Cheng expressed that the Taoyuan City Government is actively expanding the Neili residential circle and improving the quality of life in this area. The projects include an atrium in the Cultural Park Basketball Field. Other plans include parent-child activity centers and libraries. Zhongyuan Military Camp also expressed its willingness to support joint development projects with Taoyuan City Government for building youth start-up villages and residences. The underground conversion of the TRA railway line will provide the area with an all-new Neili station and multiple construction projects, making it a first rate residential area.

Attendants to the event included Taoyuan City Councilor Xavier Wang Haoyu, Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Yu Chien-Hua, CEO Ho Mo-Chen of Carrefour Cultural and Educational Foundation, Taoyuan and Hsinchu Operational District of HCT Logistics Director Chiu Chun-Sheng, and Administration Director Chang Min-I of Paper Windmill Cultural and Educational Foundation.

Source: Taoyuan City