PCT’s Repair And Maintenance Volunteer Groups Are Confirmed In Typhoon-Traumatized Eastern Taiwan

Innumerable households in eastern Taiwan were seriously damaged under three consecutive typhoons, Neartak,Meranti, and Megi, within this summer. Two repair and maintenance volunteer groups, Taiwan Heart and Love in the Garden, are still working with PCT's Church and Society Community to provide superb services for the devastated households in eastern Taiwan.

As the quality service of repair and maintenance from this joint-project, cooperated among PCT, Taiwan Heart, andLove in the Garden, is evidently superior to groups recruited by other causes and highly appreciated by the typhoon-traumatized residents, many people still waiting house restoration designate PCT groups for help, says Mr Chou Seh-lun, a senior director of documentary footage.

"As a matter of fact, the minimum wage of one repair worker per day requires NT$ 6,000(about 200 US$), manydevastated households in far-distant villages could not even afford such payment for workers", says director Chou, "not to mention the cost of materials and related expenses".

But, it's very amazing that PCT's volunteer groups of Taiwan Heart and Love in the Garden not only offer repair talents,but also help finance the necessary materials, and even implement the final inspection on the details of their repairs and maintenance, appraised director Chou, adding that such extraordinary cooperation among PCT, Taiwan Heart and Love in the Garden could be set up as a model for the church's ministry in the typhoon-inflicted people at Taiwan.

Source: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan