Police reveal images of two suspects involved in the death of a young Taiwanese man in his room.

Bangkok, Commander of the Metropolitan Investigation Center Call a meeting of the detective team. Set up guidelines to quickly track down the criminals. Causing the murder of a 47-year-old Taiwanese man. Recently, it was reported that police have found images of 2 suspects. Is a black person related to a Taiwanese man. But is it related to death or not? It is under investigation and has ordered the Immigration Bureau to screen and block the escape route.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Theeradej Thamsuthee, commander of the investigation Metropolitan Police Headquarters Call a meeting with police investigators Metropolitan Police Division 5, Bangna Police Station, including the Immigration Police tourist police To jointly solve the case and set investigative measures to track down the culprit who committed the murder of Mr. Chu Chiang Chen, 47 years old, a Taiwanese national, who died inside a hotel in the Udomsuk area.

Today's meeting was held via the VIDO CONFERENCE system to report the incident to Police General Thana Chuwong, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police. Responsible for investigative work The meeting started at 3:00 p.m. and took approximately 1 hour to complete. After that, approximately 6 police officers from the Metropolitan Investigation Division 5 left the meeting room. with an attitude of haste to remove some documents from The police station went quickly. Meanwhile, the meeting in the conference room on the 2nd floor continued to be tense.

Later, investigators brought witnesses and material of the deceased at the scene. Came for inspection at the Bangna Police Station, consisting of two hotel safes, which were believed to contain important property of the deceased. Because there were bloody fingerprints stuck on 1 safe, 1 large black suitcase, 1 small white water bucket stained with blood, 1 water bucket with a lid, 1 black leather handbag, and a center bag. In total, inside were 3 rolls of aluminum foil for wrapping food, 3 electric irons and 2 envelopes of evidence. Preliminary examination found that the deceased had been dead for at least 8 hours.

After a two-hour meeting, Pol. Maj. Gen. Theeradej revealed that the Taiwanese's death was unnatural. The dead man's hands were tied with tape and his hands held behind his back. But what the cause of death is must wait for the forensic pathologist to answer. Accept that this death was unnatural. Moreover, the deceased was a foreigner and therefore was sensitive and a delicate matter. The consulate has now been notified of the man's cause of death. to notify the next of kin of the deceased

From the investigation, it was found that two black foreigners and an Asian man of unknown race were involved in the death. But what is involved? At this time we cannot give an answer. Currently under investigation Initially, today there was a meeting to divide up work duties for clarity and to allow the case to move forward quickly. Between Sueb Nakornban, Sueb Nakhonban 5 and Sueb Bangna, including the Immigration Police.

As for the case where there is a trend that the deceased was involved in human trafficking and corruption cases in his hometown, Pol. Maj. Gen. Theeradej It was stated that it was an old case in which the deceased had already been punished. But will it be the cause of the murder? The police have not ruled out any issues at all. At this time, there is an area to collect detailed images at the scene. including going to the area to inspect CCTV images Since the time the deceased got off the plane at Suvarnabhumi Airport, who did they meet and talk with? Who is related to the deceased? And where did the deceased walk to his residence?

However, it was previously reported that On the evening of November 14th Two young Thai women also came to meet the deceased at the hotel. But will it be related to the case or not? Ask the police to do their work first. In addition, the work has been divided among the immigration police. Go in to investigate for what purpose the deceased entered Thailand. Because the deceased had traveled to Thailand a total of 4 times, but each visit took only a few days to rest before returning. It is necessary to ascertain what the deceased was doing in the country. And tomorrow there will be another meeting to summarize the daily progress. What time will it be? It depends on the work of the police.

Source: Thai News Agency