Power shortages expected to ease slightly: MOEA

Taipei--The current power shortages are expected to ease slightly from Thursday, thanks to the launch of a new generator at the Talin Power Plant in Kaohsiung, a Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) official said that day.

The generator officially began operations the previous day, adding 200,000 kilowatts to the country's daily electricity supply, according to Lee Chun-li (???), deputy chief of the MOEA's Bureau of Energy.

A damaged transmission tower operated by the independent power producer Ho-Ping Power Co. in Hualien County, meanwhile, will be completely repaired Thursday, which will allow the power plant to supply at least 650,000 kW per day starting next Monday, Lee said.

As a result, the alert levels for Taiwan's power supply will likely fall in the next few days, to flash an orange or yellow light, he said.

Under Taipower's five-color electricity supply warning system, a green light means operating reserve margins are above 10 percent, a yellow light represents power reserves of between 10 percent and 6 percent, while an orange light indicates that the reserves are below 6 percent.

A red alert means that the power reserves have dropped below 900,000 kW, while a black alert shows that reserves have fallen to less than 500,000 kW, making power rationing necessary.

With the electricity supply brought down by the damage to the Hualien transmission tower and demand boosted by the recent scorching weather, the power supply flashed a red alert for two consecutive days on Monday and Tuesday.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel