Premier condemns protest at Universiade venue

Premier Lin Chuan has condemned the anti-pension reform protestors who disrupted the 2017 Summer Universaide over the weekend. Lin was speaking Monday at the legislature.

Lin said it’s regrettable that the opening ceremony of the global sports events for college athletes was disrupted by the protest. They had kept most of the athletes from entering on time and participating in the parade. He said the security measures [taken] at the Universiade venue were not up to standard.

The premier promised to stringently carry out security measures in the future. He also asked the Interior Ministry and the National Police Agency to review and adjust their measures.

A lot of police manpower was mobilized, but they were not able to take clear and iron-fist measures,” said Premier Lin. “It is also unclear what measures will be taken if athletes in control areas and audiences are under threat. We need a clear way of handling the [problem]. Of course, in the future, we will carry out the law strictly.

Lin said the protest has hurt the country and society, adding that it’s the government’s responsibility to keep similar incidents from happening again at global events.

Source: Radio Taiwan International