Premier hopes for friendly attitude from WHA

Premier Lin Chuan said Friday that the government hopes for stability in each axis of the relationship between the United States, China and Taiwan. That's as presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping meet in Florida and as Taiwan continues to hope for an invitation to this year's World Health Assembly (WHA).

This year's meeting of the World Health Organization's convening body will take place in Geneva from May 22nd to 31st. Taiwan has attended the meeting as an observer for the past eight years. But this year China's boycott of the Tsai Ing-wen administration may mean Taiwan is not invited.

Premier Lin said Friday that Taiwan's participation in global health issues is both a right and a responsibility.

"On the question of the WHA, I believe Taiwan has the basic right to take part in all international organizations, and especially the WHA. That's because health and preventing the spread of diseases are basic human rights and it is the duty of each of us as a citizen of the world [to do our part].So I hope the WHA can adopt a friendly attitude in this matter, said Lin.

Source: Radio Taiwan International