Premier pledges to integrate resources for long-term care

The government will devote full efforts to cultivating long-term care workers and integrating social welfare and medical resources, Premier Lin Chuan pledged today at a multifunctional care center in Pingtung County.

In Pingtung to survey the county's long-term care services, medical resources and community care infrastructure, Lin said President Tsai Ing-wen proposed a 10-year long-term care 2.0 plan as a major plank during her election campaign. To ensure this plan is sustainable, the government will rely on earmarked taxes (such as by raising estate and gift taxes and other tax revenues) rather than on public service budgets alone.

The administration hopes every community will have a long-term care center to provide a range of beneficial services, lower service costs and integrate community resources. The centers will not only allow the elderly to receive care in their own homes but also enhance their connection with their communities, Lin said.

The ultimate goal is to merge medical and care resources into one system providing three levels of care: community-based integrated service centers, combined day care service centers and long-term care stations in alleys and lanes. As people grow older, they can slow the aging process by maintaining a certain level of activities and interacting with others, the premier said. Hence the government's policy is to provide the type of learning opportunities and short- and long-term care services that are required at each stage of aging.

Source: Executive Yuan