Premier promises improvements as poll shows low public satisfaction

Premier Lin Chuan says the government will work to meet public expectations.

Lin was responding Wednesday to a new poll showing that more than half of the public is dissatisfied with the government's performance over the past year. He said that government policies cannot satisfy all members of the public. But he said that the Cabinet will do a better job explaining the details of new policies.

"From what we have heard, there is different feedback about the many [new] policies that we put in place from all walks of society. We will do our best to explain the [details of these policies to the public]. I think I understand the public's expectations of the administration. Although we are doing our best in many areas, there are sectors in which our efforts are not sufficient. We can certainly review [our past performance]. We are open to that."

Chen said that the government still has a lot left to do and will come up with many new plans in the future.

Source: Radio Taiwan International