President denounces Hong Kong authorities over police shooting

Taipei-President Tsai Ing-wen (???) denounced the Hong Kong government and Beijing in a Facebook post Monday after Hong Kong police shot a protester with live rounds earlier in the day.

"The government should not shoot at unarmed citizens; it only exacerbates the problem," Tsai wrote. "Beijing and the Hong Kong government should not respond to the Hong Kong people with bullets but with a commitment to democracy and freedom."

The president further urged the Hong Kong government to listen and respond to the people's demands, arguing that it is the only approach to restoring stability to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong protesters on Monday launched protests across the special administrative region, a continuation of the protests that began in June over a now-withdrawn extradition bill, which would have subjected anyone in Hong Kong to China's opaque and arbitrary legal system.

The movement has since morphed into calls for closer scrutiny of the police, an end to describing protests as "riots," and genuine universal suffrage.

Footage from the demonstrations showed police firing three shots at protesters in Sai Wan Ho, and one protester was confirmed shot and sent to the hospital.

Hong Kong media has reported that the protester, a 21-year-old surnamed Chow, is in critical condition following operations on his liver and kidney.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel