President Tsai congratulates French President-elect Macron

President Tsai Ing-wen sent her congratulations on Monday to France's President-elect Emmanuel Macron.

Tsai said that France has one of the world's strongest democratic traditions and shares with Taiwan the values of liberty, equality, fraternity and human rights. Tsai said she believes the welfare of the people of France will improve under Macron's leadership.

President Tsai said she also looks forward to more cooperation between Taiwan and France. Right now, France is Taiwan's fourth largest trade partner in the European Union. Tsai said she looks forward to strengthening cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, technology and culture.

Macron won the presidency with 66% of the votes, defeating far-right populist candidate Marine Le Pen. He was formerly the minister of economy and finance and stepped down last year to launch the En Marche party and movement. At 39 years of age, Macron will be France's youngest president and the first from a non-establishment party.

Source: Radio Taiwan International