President Tsai extends condolences upon passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand

Following the passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, also known as Rama IX, Presidential Office Spokesperson Huang Chung-yen (???) stated that President Tsai Ing-wen was deeply grieved by the unfortunate news. The president asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue a formal message of condolences from Taiwan to the people of Thailand.

During a reign of over 70 years, said the president, King Bhumibol exercised wise and compassionate leadership and was greatly beloved among the Thai people. He led the country through a stable transformation into a modern state, and was deeply respected in the international community for his outstanding contributions. Now that the king has passed away, the people of Thailand, who held him great esteem, are experiencing profound sadness, and the international community joins them in mourning the king's passing.

Source: Office of the President, Republic of China (Taiwan)