President Tsai Ing-wen Is Blessed And Prayed For Wisdom In National Prayer Breakfast

Surrounded by a group of church leaders, including Rev Sudu Tada(Moderator of PCT General Assembly), RevZeng Ing-er(Associate General Secretary of PCT General Assembly Office), Rev Chiau Mei-lun(Deputy Dean of Ling Leung Pastoral and Missionary Theological Seminary), Rev Chou Sheng-chu(former Chief Pastor of the Life of Bread Church), and Mr Hong San-chuen(Chairman of Overseas Radio and Television, Inc), Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen was blessed and prayed for wisdom in the 16th National Prayer Breakfast at Taipei International Conference Center on November 12.

"Oh Lord! We believe You have chose Tsai Ing-wen as the President of Taiwan. She is not only to rule this land,heal the wounds of the people, but also to solve the problems left by the history. We pray You to give her all kinds of wisdom from the heaven, and let her believe You are the True God who created Taiwan from the very beginning of Your amazing creation!", prayed these pastors.

In his sermon, Rev Sudu Tada encouraged President Tsai with Jesus' words, "Stand up, take your mat andwalk!"(John 5:9), expecting her to take action to transform Taiwan into a healing, hopeful, and rejuvenating island. And only through such critical reform, can Taiwan become a society full of justice, joy, and peace, said Rev Sudu Tada.

In her address, President Tsai responded that she was very honored and pleased to be invited to attend this annualnational prayer breakfast. She pledged to work together with the church to do her best effort in her presidential office and fight hard for this land, the people, and the country!

Source: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan