President Tsai oversees Han Kuang military exercises in Penghu

Republic of China (Taiwan) President Tsai Ing-wen said May 25 that the ability of the armed forces to effectively carry out anti-landing operations is a key national defense strategy and underscores the value of the annual Han Kuang military exercises.

The exercise is of paramount importance in maintaining the military's readiness to perform combat missions, as well as deliver humanitarian aid and engage in relief operations, Tsai said while overseeing live drills as commander in chief of the ROC armed forces in outlying Penghu County.

According to the president, boosting the dignity and morale of military personnel through a program of wide-ranging reforms is a top priority for the government. Part of this undertaking involves upgrading service members' personal equipment, as well as renovating barracks and other facilities at military installations around the country, by the Ministry of National Defense.

At the same time, Tsai said, the government is working to strengthen Taiwan's self-reliance in national defense through the development of advanced trainer jets and submarines. Such an approach equips the military with weaponry best suited to local conditions while supporting related industries and demonstrating a rock-solid commitment to defending the homeland, she added.

The live drills, which are the second part of the exercises, run May 22-26 at multiple locations around Taiwan. The first part involving computer-simulated war games took place May 1-5 in Taipei City and a number of other locales.

According to the MND, the exercises feature an array of the country's most advanced weaponry. This includes aircraft, Indigenous Defense Fighter, F-16 A/B and Mirage 2000; attack helicopters, AH-1 Cobra and AH-64E Apache; battle tanks, CM-11, CM-22 and M60A3; and artillery, Thunderbolt-2000 multirocket system.

Source: Taiwan Today