President Tsai Visits Keelung, Central Government to Prioritize Resources for Keelung’s Development

On the 27th President Tsai Ing-wen visited Keelung. She indicated that Keelung possesses many natural advantages but has been lagging behind other regions in terms of development over the last 10 to 20 years. She is happy that there is a mayor with fresh ideas for developments. Finally Keelung can realize its potential step by step.

The President emphasized that even though Keelung is small in regards to land area, the city lagged behind due to lack of proper planning. Since Mayor Lin and his team has a clear blueprint for Keelung's development in the future the central government will prioritize more resources for the city, setting an example for other cities in Taiwan to follow.

The President also pointed out that, transforming Keelung is a monumental task; if successful the city will become a crowning jewel for Taiwan. To achieve this task the central and local government will work closely together, testing their ability in planning and implementations. The Premier Lin Chuan agrees with the President's sentiments and will give Keelung special consideration and support in funding. She hopes that Executive Yuan will monitor the progress closely to ensure the developmental plan is implemented properly and on schedule.

During the visit Mayor Lin outlined 5 major development plans for the President. The plans are Smart Education, Revitalization of Harbor City, Utilization of Harbor foreshore, Development of Keelung River Valley Corridor and Public Housing.

The Revitalization of Harbor City will include Inter-City Transport hub, Smart Exhibition Hall and Buildings, Relocation of Naval Port, Multi-Purpose Commercial Center for the Cruise Port and Keelung Historical Restoration plans.

A review meeting chaired by Minister Chang Ching-Sen will be held on a monthly basis for the Revitalization of Harbor City plan. With the support of Central Government, Keelung City will strive to make progress every month.

Source: Keelung City Government