President tweets again to promote Taiwan’s WHA participation

Taipei--President Tsai Ing-wen (???) shared a video of a photo exhibition on "Taiwan's contributions to health for all" on her twitter account on Tuesday, describing it as "Taiwan's story."

This was her third tweet in four days, seeking to attract international attention to Taiwan's wish to attend this year's World Health Assembly (WHA), which kicks off on May 22 with registration for participation ending on May 8. Taiwan has yet to receive an invitation from the World Health Organization's Secretariat.

Taiwan provides medical assistance to millions of patients around the world -- this is Taiwan's story, said the president in her tweet linking viewers to the video produced by Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The video is available at #LeaveNoOneBehind

It ends with "WHO cares. Taiwan cares."

On April 29 and May 1, the president tweeted two messages to the international community, detailing the medical assistance Taiwan has provided to other countries and appealing for more support for the nation's continued role in the global health system.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel