President vows to boost economy as support to investors overseas

Taipei--President Tsai Ing-wen said Monday that the government will improve the local economy and support Taiwanese investors operating overseas at a time when they are expanding in the global market.

Addressing a joint director and supervisor meeting held by the Asia Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce (ATCC) in Taichung, Tsai said that she will take good care of the domestic market so that Taiwanese firms will not need to worry about the home market but can continue their efforts to penetrate overseas markets.

"With the assistance of the government, there is no doubt that Taiwanese investors will be able to extend their reach in the global market," Tsai said. "With the presence of the ATCC, Taiwan will build closer ties with other countries and extend its economic influence in the global market," she added.

While Tsai was speaking, a number of people who oppose the government's pension reforms gathered outside the meeting venue, blowing horns to express their opposition.

Tsai was not moved by the demonstration, but said that in addition to their efforts to expand, investors operating overseas should also set their sights on the local market, since the government is gearing up to stimulate the local market.

She urged the members of the ATCC to survey the investment environment in Taichung, which has made efforts to develop a wide range of industries such as smart machinery, green energy, aviation and agricultural innovation.

Tsai said that the government has comprehensive measures in place to help Taichung sharpen its economy and that the city is waiting for investment from Taiwanese investors operating overseas.

According to the ATCC, the association was established in July 1993 as a federation of Taiwanese firms operating in the Asian region for exchanges in business information and investment experiences.

Members of the association come largely from nine countries or regions in Asia: Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Hong Kong. Almost 800 members of the association attended Monday's meeting.

Speaking on the assistance provided by the government, Tsai said that since she took office in May 2016, the government has devoted itself to helping investors interested in the local market to locate land for their investments. She said the government has mapped out a plan for industrial park development in Taiwan that is expected to provide about 300 hectares of land for future investment.

Source: Overseas Community Affairs Council