President vows to issue White Terror fact-finding report in 3 years

President Tsai Ing-wen (???) reiterated on Saturday her resolve to promote transitional justice, saying that Taiwan's government will bring forth a national fact-finding report on the White Terror in three years to shed light on the period of history in which thousands of people were persecuted for political reasons.

Tsai said at an event marking Human Rights Day that transitional justice is not an instrument for political struggles or political witch-hunts targeting at any ethnic group because a large number of the White Terror's victims were mainland Chinese, but is aimed at pursuing truth and reconciliation.

The White Terror refers to the suppression of political dissidents or ordinary people suspected of dissent in Taiwan following the 228 Incident, an anti-government uprising in 1947 and the subsequent brutal crackdown by the then-authoritarian regime of the Kuomintang.

"We need to learn the stories of the inflictors and the victims of the White Terror and even the arduous mental journey of the families of the victims," while seeking clarification and understanding, she said.

In the pursuit of truth, Tsai said that a fact-finding report on the White Terror is set to be published in three years.

Over the past 10 years, an orderly written record with oral interviews about the White Terror period has been largely completed and a full report is expected to be brought forth after political files scattered at various organizations have been collected, according to the president.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel