Promote the attitude of offshore wind power, work together to create maximum benefits

The media reported that "the establishment of a permit to centralize the localities and the failure of Wo Xu to announce the suspension of wind power in Taiwan" pointed out that "the six wind farms of Changhua's four wind power developers, the establishment of permits due to the central and local disputes, the application for delays "Wo Xu has not finalized the 108-year subscription rate, announced that the contract has been suspended, and the uncontracted contract has been re-negotiated." The Ministry of Economic Affairs stated that this is a normal business activity, pending offshore wind power before the Spring Festival. After the purchase rate is clear, the offshore wind power development industry will restart the relevant contracts with the domestic offshore wind power industry chain; the draft offshore wind power rate will be the draft notice period before January 29, 108, and the draft contents will be If you have any opinions, you can submit specific supporting data as a reference for the verification of the renewable energy procurement rate.

For the outside world concerned about offshore wind power related issues, the Ministry of Economic Affairs once again stated as follows:

1. The Ministry of Economic Affairs adheres to the principle of fairness, impartiality and consistency, and conducts the licensing review: the

Electricity Industry Law authorizes the Ministry of Economic Affairs to apply for the consistency review principle of the electricity industry. Each authority and authority agrees with the documents, and the headquarters will continue to actively assist the industry to communicate and negotiate with the Changhua County Government to assist the developers to complete the relevant administrative procedures as soon as possible.

2. The 108-year purchase rate is engraved in the notice stage. All parties are welcome to submit supporting evidence for verification before 1/29. The

draft offshore wind power purchase rate for the 108th year is completed on November 30, 2007. Hearings were held on December 25, 2007. Before the expiration of the draft (January 29, 2008), opinions and supporting materials were available from all walks of life. Regarding issues such as the 3,600-hour power generation threshold and the previous high-low-rate related rate mechanism that developers are concerned about, they can provide evidence data for the verification of the renewable energy procurement rate.

3. The Ministry of Economic Affairs continued to master the development progress of each case and assisted the industry to overcome problems and ensure that the operators completed the scheduled completion of the schedule. The

Ministry of Economic Affairs has established regular bilateral meetings to continuously follow the development progress of the industry and actively assist the industry to eliminate the developer's development. Development obstacles, as scheduled to complete the wind farm construction project.

In order to build the next generation of good living environment and industrial upgrading in Taiwan, the Ministry of Economic Affairs reaffirmed the determination to promote offshore wind power and build a friendly environment for offshore wind power development in Taiwan. It requires the efforts of all walks of life to create a green economy industry value and achieve China's energy. Industry and environment for sustainable energy transformation vision.

Source: Ministry of Economic Affairs R.O.C