Protesters demonstrate against pension reform in Taipei

Demonstrators gathered outside government buildings in Taipei Wednesday to protest against pension reform.

The government has made shoring up Taiwan's deficit-ridden pension system one of its priorities. However, moves to reform the system have been met by anger from retired public sector employees including police officers and firefighters, who say they have been unfairly blamed for the pension system's financial problems.

Wednesday's protests began after a group of retired police officers and firefighters tried to hand in a petition to President Tsai Ing-wen, calling on her to avoid cutting their pensions. The group had gathered Wednesday morning at the National Revolutionary Martyr's Shrine, where the president had gone to pay her respects. The group announced a protest after Tsai left without acknowledging the petition.

Retired teachers, military personnel, and civil servants also participated in the demonstrations. There were reports of scuffles with police outside the Cabinet building and the interior ministry. Police managed to prevent protesters from climbing over a gate outside of the Legislature.

On Wednesday evening, there were further reports of scuffles with police outside the Cabinet building. Police persuaded one group of demonstrators to stop an attempt at ramming a truck through the building's front gate.

Source: Radio Taiwan International