Public participation in judicial reform welcome: Tsai

President Tsai Ing-wen says public participation in judicial reforms is welcome. The president was speaking Friday at the first preparatory meeting for pushing for what she called a highly complex and professional task.

Tsai said she hopes that the efforts to be made by professionals and the general public will make the country's courts more efficient, transparent and impartial.

Tsai said the reforms must be able to respond to the public's demand for justice, to protect human rights and to maintain social justice. The president raised various ways members of the public can voice their opinions.

The preparatory committee of the national affairs conference on judicial reforms was established to listen to public opinions on the issue. We welcome anyone to tell us their views either on the website, via letters, formal documents or phone calls. We believe public participation and the voice of the people will help push judicial reforms forward," said Tsai.

The president said she hopes money will no longer play a role in lawsuits and that judges who are out of touch with the public will not be on the bench in the future.

Source: Radio Taiwan International