Public views sought on nuclear waste disposal: Premier

The government will solicit public opinion on the disposal of nuclear waste. That's the word from Premier Lin Chuan on Tuesday.

A decision on a final location for a nuclear waste disposal facility has been mired in controversy. On Tuesday, Economics Minister Lee Chih-kuang dismissed recent reports on a set date for the facility's construction.

Opposition lawmaker Yang Cheng-wu expressed doubt about one proposal for a central interim storage facility while the final facility's location remains undecided. He said the decision process requires no input from the public. Yang said this has prompted concerns that Taiwan's outlying islands, such as Penghu, could be used as a nuclear waste dumping ground. This has been the case up until now, with the country's nuclear waste stored on the outlying island of Lanyu.

Premier Lin Chuan said in response that the government will solicit public opinion during the entire decision-making process. He promised there would be no under-the-table decisions on the subject.

Source: Radio Taiwan International