Qatar expands visa privileges for ROC passport holders

Republic of China (Taiwan) passport holders can now enjoy landing visa privileges for a period of 30 days upon arriving in the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced June 27.

In October of last year, Qatar was among several countries in the region to be added to Taiwan's e-visa program. The ministry said that such mutually beneficial measures can help strengthen relations as well as foster economic, cultural and tourism exchanges.

Upon landing at Hamad International Airport in the capital city of Doha, ROC passport holders can obtain a 30-day visa for a fee of US$30. Travelers are required to have an ROC passport that is valid for at least six months, a return or transfer plane ticket, confirmation of accommodations as well as a credit card or the equivalent of US$1,500 in cash.

The ministry said the new visa privileges will make travel to Qatar more convenient, while at the same time encouraging Taiwan enterprises to explore business opportunities in Muslim markets.

Taiwan and Qatar enjoy robust economic ties, as evidenced by a total bilateral trade volume of US$2.4 billion for 2016, the MOFA said. Qatar is the nation's largest supplier of liquefied natural gas, the ministry noted, adding that Taiwan's top exports to the country include frozen seafood, machinery and machine parts as well as passenger cars.

According to the MOFA, ROC passport holders enjoy visa-free, landing visa and e-visa privileges in over 160 countries and territories, while Taiwan currently grants citizens of 48 countries visa-exempt entry for a period of 30 or 90 days. The government is also working to streamline the visa application process so as to make it easier for travelers to visit the nation.

Source: Taiwan Today