Quadrantid meteor shower to peak on Jan. 4

Stargazers in Taiwan will have an opportunity to catch the annual Quadrantid meteor shower as it closes in on its peak on Jan. 4, the Taipei Astronomical Museum said earlier this week.

The meteor shower will be active from late evening on Jan. 3 and will peak in the early hours of the following morning, when it is forecast to produce 120 shooting stars per hour in a dark sky, the museum said.

However, there is also a likely chance that the Quadrantid shower could produce an hourly rate of 200 meteors that night as the shower will peak close to the new moon, and so moonlight will present minimal interference.

Compared with the Perseids meteor shower in August and the Geminid shower in December, both of which were interrupted by moonlight, the museum said the celestial event next week would be an exciting one with the year's best conditions for observation.

According to the museum, Quadrantid meteors are not observed as often as those of the two other showers because the time of the peak is exceedingly short, sometimes lasting only hours.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel