Quadrantid meteor shower to peak on Tuesday

Astronomy buffs in Taiwan may soon have a chance to spot shooting stars as the annual Quadrantid meteor shower nears its peak, the Taipei Astronomical Museum said Monday.

The Quadrantids are expected to peak at 10 p.m. on Tuesday, when an average of 120 meteors could flash through the sky per hour from a radiant in the northern sky.

With no interference from the moon, the Quadrantids could be very promising, the museum said, suggesting that the best time to observe the celestial event is between midnight and dawn on Wednesday.

The shooting stars can be easily spotted by the naked eye as long as skywatchers head to mountainous or suburban areas unencumbered by light and air pollution.

The Quadrantid meteor shower is the first of the three most prolific meteor showers of the year, along with the Perseids in August and Geminids in December.

The origin of the Quadrantids remains unclear, but the museum said the meteor shower is most likely debris from Comet 2003 E.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel