Rain causes over NT$44 million-worth of damage to 138 schools

Taipei--Torrential rain over the weekend has caused one schoolchild casualty and damage to 138 schools, with the damage estimated at about NT$44.49 million (US$1.51 million) as of Sunday morning, according to statistics from the Ministry of Education.

Most of the 138 damaged schools are in New Taipei, numbering 43, followed by Taipei at 33, according to the ministry.

The statistics show that the schools suffered combined losses of about NT$44.49 million, with New Taiwan accounting for the largest amount at US$20.32 million, while Yunlin County incurred damage of about NT$10.09 million, and Taipei schools suffered damage of NT$9.98 million.

School by school, Aletheia University in New Taipei suffered the largest loss at NT$15.50 million, followed by Lintou Elementary School in Yunlin, which incurred NT$8 million of damage, and Anhsin kindergarten in Keelung at NT$3.13 million, according to the statistics.

The injured child attends a kindergarten in Beitou, who was riding with his parent on a scooter and was injured in a traffic accident on the way to the kindergarten Friday. He was taken to hospital but did not have life-threatening injuries, according to the ministry.

Meanwhile, 10 students from Tamkang University who went hiking Friday were stranded in Shei-Pa National Park, which is located on the borders of Hsinchu, Miaoli and Taichung. Workers from the National Fire Agency have been mobilized to rescue them, the ministry added.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel