Rain forecast for Friday, strongest cold air mass of winter next week

Taipei-Rain is expected across Taiwan on Friday, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said, warning of an incoming cold air mass on Monday that could be upgraded to a cold surge.

As rain continues to fall throughout the country, daytime highs in northern Taiwan are forecast to be 19-21 degrees Celsius and in central and southern areas 23-25 degrees, a drop in temperature from the past couple of days, CWB forecaster Yen Tseng-hsi (???) said.

The cold weather brought by the northeasterly winds will let up slightly during the daytime on Sunday before becoming even chillier with the arrival of the strongest cold air mass this winter on Monday, Yen noted.

The cold air mass, which could reach the level of a cold surge, is forecast to push down temperatures in Taipei City to 10 degrees and in coastal areas to 8 degrees, he said.

The air mass will be at its strongest late Wednesday and early Thursday, when Yen urges everyone to stay warm.

The effects of the air mass could last until next Saturday, when there will be a visible rise in temperature throughout the country, he added.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel