Rain, low temperatures to be seen throughout Taiwan on Tuesday

Taipei-Temperatures throughout Taiwan have fallen to their lowest this winter, and the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) warned of continued rain and even colder weather overnight as this year's first cold surge takes hold.

Temperatures in Tamsui fell to 8.8 degrees Celsius at 7:25 a.m. Tuesday, the lowest recorded in Taiwan's low-lying areas this winter, according to CWB data.

In all, 12 weather stations in Taiwan recorded winter lows for their respective regions, including 9.5 degrees in Xinwu District, Taoyuan, 9.6 degrees in Hsinchu, 9.9 degrees in Banqiao and 10.4 degrees in Taipei, CWB forecaster Cheng Chuan-fang (???) said.

Other areas registering winter lows were Keelung, Taichung, Sun Moon Lake and Pengjia Islet, Cheng said.

With a wet forecast for the country, daytime highs are expected to hit 13-15 degrees in northern and northeastern Taiwan, and 17-19 in other areas, the forecaster said.

On Tuesday night, temperatures in areas north of Tainan and in northeastern Taiwan are expected to dip to 9-10 degrees, with a chance of snow on 3,000-meter-high mountains, he said.

The weather is expected to turn drier on Wednesday, however, and the cold surge is expected to be strongest Thursday and Friday, with lows of 8-10 degrees in most of Taiwan and 7 degrees in coastal regions, Cheng said.

The cold weather is expected to let up around Saturday, with a return of warmer temperatures as the cold air mass weakens.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel