Rally against climate change demands more government action

Taipei, About 100 environmental activists affiliated with the global climate strike movement rallied outside the Legislative Yuan on Sunday, demanding that the government take more aggressive measures to cope with climate change.

Organized by the Taiwan Youth Climate Coalition (TWYCC), the rally and subsequent march called on the government to reduce carbon emission levels in Taiwan to zero by 2050, in line with the vision of other countries, including in the European Union.

“Youth in Taiwan can no longer wait, and the government must take action now,” said TWYCC representative Lin Chia-yen (林佳諺) before the event.

Taiwan’s main global warming initiative was the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act, first implemented in 2015, which commits the country to reducing carbon emission levels to 50 percent of 2005 levels by 2050.

The government should treat global warming as a national security crisis, and study policies that facilitate sustainable development for local industries, she said, but she did not recommend specific actions that could be taken to cut carbon emissions.

The rally was also part of the global youth climate strike movement — inspired by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg — which is demanding urgent action to tackle the climate crisis, according to the TWYCC.

More dialogue among diverse stakeholders, including minority groups, are needed to develop measures to fight against global warming, Lin said.

Lu Huai-jen (陸懷仁), who attended the rally with four children and other family members, said he felt it was important to educate the younger generation on the importance of environmental protection, particularly about air pollution, because it affects everyone.

Wearing goggles as requested by the TWYCC, Lu said the protesters hoped to raise awareness by simulating a scenario in which sea level rise due to global warming puts Taipei under water.

Not all in attendance were united on how to achieve the goal. Huang Shih-hsiu (黃士修), who represents a group that backs nuclear energy called Nuclear Mythbusters, urged the organizer and its affiliates to “get real” when talking about their vision.

“They should not avoid discussion on how to cut carbon dioxide. Without nuclear energy, it will be impossible for the government to meet its demand for zero carbon emissions by 2050,” he said.


Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel

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