Refusing To Pay A Fine For Civil Disobedience, Professor Tsay Ting-kuei Goes To Jail With The Bible

Instead of paying a fine for clashing with the police, during a 2013 demonstration against the government's decisionto carry on building the fourth nuclear power plant, professor Tsay Ting-kuei, a renown civil engineering scholar of National Taiwan University and political activist for Taiwan Independence, went to jail on September 21.

Except bringing a large-font and bilingual - English and Chinese - Bible, given by PCT's General Secretary - Rev.Lyim Hong-tiong, Tsay also brought several books, includingGandhi: A Memoir and An Atlas of Countries That Don't Exit and others to study Taiwan's future in prison, and some medical pills to calm down his high pressure and cardiovascular problem.

Many his supporters wanted to pay forfeit to spare Tsay's jail term but rejected by him. Tsai reminded them that many Taiwanese were too much scared to make any break through! As the chance of going to jail came up naturally, Tsay decided to see how dangerous a prisoner would be treated in Taiwan's jail? If he could turn up safely after 30 days of cell lives, it means every people could take up the consequences of civil disobedience like his, said Tsay.

"It pays to fight against injustice", said Tsay, "Taiwan Independence would be hopeless if no one dares go tojail for only 30 days!".

Source: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan