Rev. Thomas Barclay, Mrs Margaret Barnett And Ms Jane A. Llyod Are Commemorated In A Tomb-Sweeping Service By Church Members And High School Girls In Tradition Uniforms

Annual October 5 is a date that PCT commemorates the passing away of the Scottish missionary, Rev. ThomasBarclay, who came to Taiwan on 1875 and since then dedicated his entire life and energy serving Taiwan for 60 years long through establishing schools(Tainan Theological Seminary and Chang Jung High School), publishing newspaper(Taiwan Church News), translating the Bible into the Taiwanese language and many other ministries.

In the morning on October 5, a team of school girls dressed in their traditional uniforms of Chang Jung Girl's High School(CJGHS), together with representatives from several Presbyterian churches and institutes, paid a visit to Tainan public cemetery and held a tomb-sweeping service to express their heartfelt thanks and commemoration to Rev. Thomas Barclay, Mrs Margaret Barnett(founder of CJGHS) and Ms. Jane A. Lioyd(CJGHS's first Principal).

As Rev. Thomas Barclay and Rev. Ducan Ferguson were also commissioned by Tainan citizen and nobility tonegotiate with the Japanese army on 20 October 1895, preventing a devastating military invasion and punitive bloodshed within the historical Tainan city, their amazing achievement as peace makers had been always and will always be commemorated by the people of Tainan City.

Rev. Lo Ren-quei, pastor of Barclay Memorial Church, honored Rev. Thomas Barclay as a God's servant full ofcompassion, love and commitment toward Taiwan. Especially Rev. Barclay is a man of God with faith, said Rev. Lo.

Source: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan