Revealing the history of “Antonia Posiu”, 1st runner-up, Miss Universe 2023.

Revealing the biography of "Antonia Posiu," a 26-year-old half-Thai, half-Danish, who won the title of 1st runner-up at Miss Universe 2023.

“Antonia Posiu” is half Thai-Danish, currently 26 years old, graduated with a bachelor's degree from International curriculum Major: Marketing and Public Relations Stamford International University

Antonia is widely known. From competing in The Face Thailand Season 1 and making it to the final round of 15 people and finishing in 10th place in the season.

Antonia then began to enter the beauty pageant path. In 2019, she entered the beauty pageant. Miss Supranational Thailand 2019 and was able to win the first prize and made Ann able to represent Thailand in competing on a world stage like Miss Supranational 2019 and successfully won the title of Miss Supranational 2019.

In 2023, Antonia decided to take the stage in the Miss Universe Thailand 2023 competition and was appointed to represent Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Before winning the crown of Miss Universe Thailand 2023, she became the beauty representative of Thailand to compete for the crown at the universe level.

Before Antonia Will travel to compete for the crown in El Salvador. Her name was in the top 5 of all 5 polls, a candidate for Miss Universe 2023 from every agency. Even though on the day of the final competition, Antonia was only the 1st runner-up, but she became the new favorite of Thai people. Win the hearts of Thai people all over the country

As for matters of the heart, "Antonia" is in a relationship with "Irfan Fandi," a Singaporean footballer. who are currently playing football in the Thai League Belongs to BG Pathum United, son of Singapore's legendary football player "Fandy Ahmad".

Source: Thai News Agency