RTA plans to submit an urgent motion Find a way to prevent and suppress “Disrupt the royal procession”

Bangkok: Unite Thailand to build a nation. Prepare to submit an urgent motion to the council. Urgently find ways to prevent and suppress intimidating behavior. defy evil Chaos in the royal procession On February 11, Mr. Ekanat Promphan, secretary-general of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTC), posted It is quite clear that various parties have come out to condemn it. Even the groups that instigated each other from the beginning They flocked to cut off their tails to condemn such behavior. Because of the value of slandering, intimidating, challenging, and disrespecting the royal family. It is an act of social inferiority. causing the country's image to deteriorate My point is Safety officers Offer protection to the news department, advance section, and follow-up section. They should review plans and operational guidelines (Protocol) to be strict and expedite the bringing of perpetrators to prosecution quickly. If you do not clearly show your attitude There will be clashes among the people, widening the cra cks and creating divisions for no reason. This Tuesday, I will bring the issue to the party meeting to ask for a resolution. Submit an urgent motion to the council. and for the RTSC Propose matters to all relevant committees. Review protection measures for safety Including guidelines for preventing and suppressing behavior, intimidation, challenge, and slander in the same manner as the incident that occurred.-312.-Thai News Agency Source: Thai News Agency