Samsung S6 phone emits smoke on CAL flight; no injuries

A Samsung Galaxy S6 cellphone emitted smoke on a China Airlines (CAL) flight from Palau to Taiwan Wednesday, but did not cause any injuries or flight delay, the carrier said Thursday.

The phone, which is not the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prohibited from being brought onto planes, triggered an emergency on flight CI027 at 7 p.m. (Taipei time) as it flew over Manila.

The flight crew put it into an ice bucket and had the situation under control, and the flight landed at 9:52 p.m. on time at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, according to the airline.

CAL said it reported the incident to the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) and the Aviation Safety Council (ASC).

In response, the CAA said Thursday that it confirmed that CAL made the right call in handling the incident.

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the S6 is not banned from Taiwanese flights under current CAA regulations.

The CAA said it had sent personnel to the plane on which the incident took place to learn more about the situation, and kept the phone for further investigation.

The ASC said it classified the episode as a flight incident, although it did not cause any injury or damage, and that it will investigate the case.

ASC Executive Director Thomas Wang (???) explained that as long as there is smoke or fire in the cabin, it causes an extreme threat to flight safety.

It is the second time the ASC has investigated lithium batteries that could have started a fire on a flight, apparently due to overheating.

The last time such an incident took place was in May, which involved a portable battery charger that caught fire on a flight operated by V Air. The Taiwan-based budget airline went out of business on Oct. 1.

Findings of that investigation are expected to be made public during the first quarter of next year.

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel